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SHESpeaks about Women in Government

Fifteen people make up the new cabinet which is the apex of government power in Ireland. They head up the Departments of State and will set the policy parameters and priorities that will affect us all for the foreseeable future. Eleven of them are men. Just four are women. In this #SHEspeaks, we examine if looking at how they got there tells us anything about how more women can be supported into political life.

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SHESpeaks about Pensions

Our #SHESchool participants asked for clear and unbiased information about public policy. We are starting with the unexpected star of the general election debates: Pensions. We explain why there is a debate about increasing the age from which pensions are paid and include an analysis of what the Programme for Government has to say about it all.

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SHE Speaks about Gender Quotas for Local Elections

Men are the ones who hold most of the positions of power in our society. In this crisis, it is usually men who are making all the important decisions which affect the everyday lives of citizens. This imbalance of decision-making power means that women are left out from shaping the decisions that affect their own lives.(EIGE, 2020).To make sure that women are part of decision-making about matters that affect their lives, SHE calls for gender quotas for the 2024 local elections to be part of the Programme for Government.

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