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SHE Speaks

Summer Newsletter

I hope you are all looking forward to the promised heatwave in the coming weeks as some sunshine on our bones is badly needed after the past year!
Here at SeeHerElected, we are continuing to deliver workshops, training and a range of resources for women who want to increase their knowledge about politics but also for women who might like to take that a step further and are thinking of supporting a woman candidate or being that candidate. We have just published our summer newsletter which you can access at this link https://mailchi.mp/39a55885265c/summer-newsletter-from-she
If you would like to join our mailing list or learn more about SHE just email info@seeherelected.ie or ring 0860320455 #SeeHerElected #WomenInPolitics #5050NorthWest #LongfordWomensLink