A Guide To Running in the 2024 Local Elections

This new publication which is available to download here free of charge aims to be a practical, user friendly guide for women who are considering running in the 2024 local elections, and for those who would like to be involved in an election campaign to see a women elected in their area. The guidebook offers a wealth of information with everything from building your profile and organising your finances to selecting your campaign team, how to deal with the media, campaign and canvass strategies and so much more.

Once downloaded you will be asked for a password to open the PDF file. You can get this email by contacting Michelle (info@seeherelected.ie / 0860320455) or Mairéad (communications@seeherelected.ie / 0864403948)

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To accompany the SHE Guide to Running in the 2024 Local Elections there is a series of free, online, interactive, one-hour workshops from See Her Elected happening from now until early 2024. The foundation series is currently underway with a recap morning workshop in April 2022. This will be repeated in Autumn 2022 and for those who have completed the foundation series, the strategy series of workshops will also commence. Please see the events section of our website for more information on the SHE Guidebook workshops.