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What We Do

SHE supports women across rural Ireland

SHE supports women across rural Ireland to become county councillors and to be part of their campaign teams.

We provide FREE online political education, a free comprehensive practical guidebook, and a continuous series of FREE interactive workshops covering all the different areas any woman running for election or part of her campaign team needs to think about and have a plan for.

Statement of Values

SHE is a feminist, community led, rural initiative to support women into political life.

We believe in an inclusive Ireland where women’s human rights and equality are respected and protected, and women are not discriminated against.
We believe in showing dignity and respect to everyone irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, class, age, religious beliefs, political beliefs, ability, and sexual orientation.
We believe in working positively and respectfully together to change inequality in political participation.
We are committed to working from a feminist perspective to advocate these values.
Anyone wishing to engage with our initiative is required to hold these same values. Any political party or organisation you are associated with or are a member of must also align with our statement of values in order for you to join in our workshops.