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Introduction to Local Government for Women

Everything you want to know about local politics

Everything you want to know about local politics brought to you for FREE by the award winning SHESchool.

If you want to start to build up your knowledge about how politics works in your county, then our Introduction to Local Government is for you! We plan to run the next course during 2024.

Next Course

We plan to run a new series of workshops in 2024. Details to follow.

Week 1

We begin with active citizenship. It is a phrase we hear a lot about, but what does it actually mean? In 2007 we had a Taskforce on Active Citizenship which told us it was largely about volunteering and being engaged in our communities. But this definition doesn’t really see us having a say in what goes on, or being part of any kind of change. We explore a wider definition of active citizenship that allows us to do just that. We look at the opportunities for active citizens to become part of the decision-making structures in county councils, and how that can happen to allow better decisions to be made without necessarily ever running for election.

Week 2

In the second class we start to try and understand the purpose, structure and function of a council. We look at the relationship between the elected county councillors and the people who work as executives in the council, as well as who has power to do what.

We also examine the job and remuneration of the county/city councillor. We look at the gender breakdown of councillors, and work through the latest research on the barriers that women face in running for council elections.