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Supporting a Woman to Run for Election

Maybe you can never see yourself as a candidate, but would love to be involved in getting a woman from your area elected to your County Council.

Having a team that knows the ropes will make a huge different to a woman running for election, regardless of how much or how little time you have to give.

There are plenty of different roles within a campaign team. Aside from the Campaign Manager who will be in charge of the campaign, a candidate will welcome someone to manage the campaign’s finances, canvassers and people to deliver flyers, poster teams, admin help, and drivers for canvassing in rural areas. Even someone to do school runs, cook and keep on top of the laundry will be a valued team member.

Access Resources

Campaign Manager Workshops
Our current round of Campaign Manager workshops aimed at people in the role of Campaign Manager and/or members of your campaign team has recently concluded. Please get in touch to find out how you can access this resource.

Campaign Manager

Women who are interested in getting behind a woman to help her are very welcome to our workshops that complement the See Her Elected Guide to Running in the 2024 Local Elections. Your Campaign Manager needs to be someone who will work well with you, but it doesn't need to be your best friend. It should be someone who is committed to seeing you get elected, and if possible, is someone who knows the ground politically and can be strategic about the campaign.

Role of Campaign Manager or Director of Elections

The Campaign Manager or Director of Elections is in charge of organising and running your campaign. They need to:


  • Develop an election strategy and a campaign plan and agree it with you.
  • Assist with any selection convention process.
  • Design & execute the campaign launch.
  • Work out your canvassing plan and execute it.
  • Mobilise and motivate the campaign team.
  • Organise the team including appointing people to key roles.
  • Be your right hand throughout the campaign.
  • Liaise with other parties or candidate's teams before the count, around the tally.
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