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A Beginners Guide to TikTok for Political Candidates

2024 will see the first elections in which TikTok is a significant campaigning channel. But many candidates and campaigners still don't know how to use it effectively, or consider it still a niche channel for teenagers doing dance routines. We are running an online workshop on Monday, February 12th from 7-8.30pm  and this session will provide an entry level introduction to TikTok, including:

  • What the platform is, demographics, why it’s a useful tool, how it differs from other social platforms, the significance of the algorithm
  • Examples of the ways politicians and campaigners use TikTok, the opportunities, challenges and resources needed
  • How to create effective TikTok videos, including how to shoot great footage, how to edit, and choosing the right sounds and music
  • How to build your TikTok presence, including how to grow a following and maintain engagement


The session will be delivered by Clare O'Donoghue Velikic, of ODV Digital an experienced digital campaign strategist who has seen the changes to the social media landscape for candidates over the last few years, and Mary Hernandez, a TikTok creator with a passion for politics, who has grown a following of 80,000 people on TikTok alone, and can give first-hand advice and experience of the techniques and tips which really work. As with all our workshops, we'll provide copies of the materials for participants to take away afterwards as manuals for their campaign work.